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When may a charity board member be paid for their services?

July 2017

The distinction between the nature and scale of a charity’s operations is central to consideration of whether and when it may be appropriate to remunerate the board or committee members for their service as ‘responsible persons’.

A one-size-fits-all approach is inappropriate. Each charity must consider its own circumstances in determining whether the remuneration of some or all of its board members is in the best interests of the charity.

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Last week, we saw charities and sector leaders and advisors write an open letter to our Prime Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers imploring them to #fixfundraising. Their letter calls for creation of one uniform fundraising regulatory regime as part of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Prolegis fully supports this proposed reform, whilst also identifying a number of practical and policy issues that will require attention so that no unintended consequences arise for the charity and not for profit sector.    Read more →
The responsibilities placed on organisations, including charities and not for profits, to protect personal information continues to be a point of sharp focus for governments and regulators. This update provides information concerning two recent and noteworthy developments in this area.    Read more →
The ACNC released a statement just before Christmas 2016 which clarifies how it will assess whether or not the activities of certain charities enable them to achieve or retain Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status.    Read more →