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Charities and the Australian Consumer Law - reducing duplication and confusion

July 2016

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL), which commenced in 2011, is the national law for fair trading and consumer protection. Whilst people who generously support the fundraising efforts of charities and not-for-profits may not always view themselves as ‘consumers’, most would have a real interest in how the law promotes fairness and protection in their dealings with those organisations.

This article looks at the submission Prolegis lodged in response to an Issues Paper released by 'Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand' earlier this year. Our submission proposes

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This article contains information that will be relevant for most employers. It covers new minimum wage rates, redundancy payment thresholds and details the new earnings level above which employees cannot bring an Unfair Dismissal claim (unless they are entitled to under an Award). It also    Read more →
The Fair Work Commission recently reviewed its modern Awards and made four changes to the rules concerning Employee entitlements and Employer obligations in relation to Annual Leave. These changes cover taking excess annual leave, cashing out annual leave, taking leave in advance and the timing of leave payments.    Read more →
The new APPs constitute a major change to the existing privacy law. They will cover both the public and private sector, replacing the existing National Privacy Principles.    Read more →